About Us


An integral part of the Belmont community since 1920

The Belmont Woman’s Club has been a part of the Belmont community since 1920. Organized to encourage women’s active involvement in educational and philanthropic activities, the Club purchased the 1853 William Flagg Homer House on Pleasant Street in 1927 after learning that a developer planned to tear it down. The Belmont Woman’s Club established the Homer House as its permanent residence and has maintained the property ever since.

The Belmont Woman’s Club is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, comprised of male and female members who serve as stewards to the Homer House. The House is available for public enjoyment through tours led by Club members who volunteer their time to serve as guides. 

The Belmont Woman’s Club also sponsors community events such as the annual “Strawberry Festival,” which brings grade school children to the Homer House each June to learn about the home’s historical significance, its ties to Winslow Homer’s art, and to enjoy a scrumptious dessert of strawberries and ice cream on the lawn. 

In addition, the Woman’s Club awards scholarships to graduating Belmont High School students who demonstrate leadership qualities and an interest in art or history, and hosts regular lectures on diverse topics such as civil rights, global travel, and the little-known inventions of actress Hedy Lamar.


The objectives of the Belmont Woman’s Club are to restore, preserve and maintain the 1853 William Flagg Homer House; contribute to the appreciation of our cultural heritage and knowledge of historic events and places; and stimulate a spirit of community through educational and philanthropic programs.