Homer House Restoration Projects

The 1853 William Flagg Homer House is undergoing a major restoration project. The Belmont Woman’s Club recently received a Community Preservation Act Grant (CPA) from the Town of Belmont to restore the grand cupola that sits atop the House. Restoration expert Gary Wolf is leading the project, and has prepared design plans to restore the cupola to its original exquisite beauty in 2016-17.

The Belmont Woman’s Club is also undertaking a capital campaign to raise funds for the repair and restoration of the lawn, driveway, and various interior areas of the House. A successful campaign will provide more and better parking, handicapped access, and opportunities for community-based programming year-round.

The Belmont Woman’s Club has received estimates of up to $750,000 to fully restore the property, reestablish the land, and expand parking and handicapped access.